Seriously, are Mikros' rents really ALL-INCLUSIVE?

Yes!  One monthly rent payment includes the cost of electricity, water, sewer, parking, high-speed WiFi, and trash removal.  Oh, and did we mention that really nice, versatile FURNITURE is included to boot?!

 C'mon, just one rent payment can't include everything.  What ISN'T included? 

Busted!  We don't provide housewares, linens, individual cleaning service, or the personal items and knick-knacks you'll want to make your apartment your own.  And pet fees do apply.

With all utilities and furnishings included in the rent, I'm saving a load of cash, right?

Right you are!  We estimate you'll save around $370/month, and maybe more: $180/month on utilities and internet + $190/month on parking and furniture.  Click the Dare to Compare link and use the Total Cost Scorecard to do your own comparisons. 

So, in addition to saving money, I don't have any of the hassles of moving furniture in and out, setting up new utility accounts, or paying various monthly bills?

Right again!  We set up all furniture, establish all utility accounts, and pay all utility bills.  We make it simple for you.

It's wonderful that furniture is included, but what type and quality of furnishings are we talking here?

Apartments include a high quality pull-down queen size bed, full-size sleeper sofa that is actually comfortable!, ottoman, multi-function moveable table (acts as dining table, desk and meal-prep island all in one), and 6 chairs.

The video showing the moveable wall and how the apartment converts rooms is really neat, but is moving things around a hassle?Nope - it's easy!  Come visit us and try for yourself.

Do you really provide electric vehicles for residents' use?  How does the Mobility Wallet work?

Sure do!  Can you say cutting edge?!  See the Exclusive Car & Bike Share link in the website for how it all works.